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Mostly Wordless Wendesday – Gingerbread Girls…   18 comments

Bridget loves to make cookies, but this was the first time the girls got to taste some of our handiwork. After a celebratory “cheers” (is it bad my daughter tells me to drink more wine, and my toddlers know how to cheers before their first birthday?? LOL) the girls chowed down. Well, sort of… Taylor demolished her cookie and started attempting to pick up the crumbles left on KCs plate. KC kept half-heartedly gumming hers, but I’m pretty sure she was confused as to what all the fuss was about. And now that I’ve posted these pictures, i’ve just noticed that my husband has (yet again) given Taylor a mowhawk after her bath… Again?!?
Bridget and Taylor "cheers" their gingerbread cookies!

Bridget and Taylor "cheers" their gingerbread cookies!

Taylor's first taste of Christmas Gingerbread
Taylor’s first taste of Christmas Gingerbread
Kennedy's first taste of Xmas gingerbread
Kennedy’s first taste of Xmas gingerbread
Hmmm - KC's not sure if she really likes this gingerbread stuff
Hmmm – KC’s not sure if she really likes this gingerbread stuff
Love how she holds everything like such a little lady - pinkie raised and all!
Love how she holds everything like such a little lady – pinkie raised and all!


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When I was a kid, Christmas morning was a frantic blur of activity. Not just because we were blessed with many presents to unwrap. Mainly because we had to accomplish an entire Christmas Day in a few short hours so that we could get on the road nice and early to head north to my paternal Nanny and Grampa’s house. We would rush through mad present opening, power down the decadent Christmas morning ‘farmer’s breakfast’ my mom was famous for (pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, hashbrowns – the works! Soooo good…), then head back to fly through more presents before getting cleaned up and presentable. It was rushed, frantic, and to be honest, sometimes felt like a bit of waste of time. All I wanted to do was laze around with my parents on one of the only days I actually got them all to myself (and together, which was equally rare). But instead, we rushed away to spend time with the side of the family that didn’t even seem to like us much. Read the rest of this entry »

Our Annual Christmas Advent-ure…   4 comments

We have good friends, Patty and Jaimie Henderson, who I stole my new favorite family tradition from. A few Christmasses ago, we barged in on them with our 4 month old baby during the early Christmas season, and attempted our first time travelling with Bridget. Both mother and daughter welcomed us with open arms, and we had a fantastic day in Kingston, Ontario shopping, chatting, and drinking eggnog. Sadly, I didnt’ realize at the time that I was knee deep in Post-partum Depression, so when things didn’t go Norman-Rockwell-perfectly with our wee babe (and then I left our car unlocked overnight and it got broken into and they stole all our newly purchased Xmas prezzies), I completely lost it and made Will take us all home. So it was a bit of a pathetic weekend. But it is still one of my favorite memories. And I’ll tell ya why!

Patricia is a marvellously creative person – she is a writer, and a pretty fine Flamenco dancer (for an old broad!). She can also hide broccolies in almost anything and I don’t even know it until after I’ve eaten the healthy bits… Darn. So when I saw her that weekend fiddling with a beautiful wooden house sitting on her kitchen counter, I immediately became curious. It was a wooden advent calendar, where the doors were built right into the little house shape, and you could refill it every year. She was busy loading it with yummy Purdy’s chocolates, and other such gourmet treats. “Wow, how nice to get to pick your own nice quality chocolate”, I thought. But then she let me in on the real magic. She opened a few of the boxes, and instead of chocolate or candy, they held little tiny notes. Each one addressed to her daughter, each with a complex series of rhyming couplets containing the clues to a treasure hunt. Those led to little treasures that were too big to fit into the Advent Calendar. It totally stoked my imagination. She told me hers had come from LL Bean years previously, and that every year it was something they both looked forward to. And considering her daughter Jaimie is now driving, and looking at college in the fall, this tradition has some serious staying power. Read the rest of this entry »