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Mostly Wordless Wendesday – Gingerbread Girls…   18 comments

Bridget loves to make cookies, but this was the first time the girls got to taste some of our handiwork. After a celebratory “cheers” (is it bad my daughter tells me to drink more wine, and my toddlers know how to cheers before their first birthday?? LOL) the girls chowed down. Well, sort of… Taylor demolished her cookie and started attempting to pick up the crumbles left on KCs plate. KC kept half-heartedly gumming hers, but I’m pretty sure she was confused as to what all the fuss was about. And now that I’ve posted these pictures, i’ve just noticed that my husband has (yet again) given Taylor a mowhawk after her bath… Again?!?
Bridget and Taylor "cheers" their gingerbread cookies!

Bridget and Taylor "cheers" their gingerbread cookies!

Taylor's first taste of Christmas Gingerbread
Taylor’s first taste of Christmas Gingerbread
Kennedy's first taste of Xmas gingerbread
Kennedy’s first taste of Xmas gingerbread
Hmmm - KC's not sure if she really likes this gingerbread stuff
Hmmm – KC’s not sure if she really likes this gingerbread stuff
Love how she holds everything like such a little lady - pinkie raised and all!
Love how she holds everything like such a little lady – pinkie raised and all!


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What This Mom of Multiples Can`t Do…   2 comments

 I know I’ve blogged often about the things I’m proud to say I’ve continued to do despite having twins. Breastfeeding my girls exclusively for almost a year, for instance, has been something I have taken pride in. But I often find myself worrying about the things that are automatically different for my twins simply because they are twins – and to make it worse, twins with an older sibling. While Bridget had me to herself for 2 full years, the girls rarely get one on one time with Mom (or Dad, for that matter). They are regularly forced to play with shared toys in a shared area, and that’s made more intense when B wants to get in the ‘pigpen’ and play too. They have no clothing that belongs exclusively to them, and inf fact they often wear matching outfits (not always the SAME outfit x 2, but often at least co-ordinating concepts) as it makes Mommy happy right now to do so. And bath time is not a nightly occurance at our house. Somtimes, a full immersed-in-the-tub-scrub is a twice a week thing – especially considering that Bridget insists on dumping water on the girls’ heads, and Taylor poops in the tub more often than not!

But last night was a great demonstration of things that DON’T always go as well for Moms of Multiples. We do try to have a bedtime routine, and follow it as best as possible, but reading books used to be a staple of our old routine when Bridget was a baby. She’d sit patiently and turn the pages, pointing to the pictures and babbling away. But now that we are a family of five, storytime has changed – a little. While we only do family stories on the weekend (as they tend to get everyone riled up and excited), Will grabbed the camera to capture some of the “special-ness” that is family storytime at the Stewart residence…

The Norman Rockwell moment - reading to all my girls

The Norman Rockwell moment - reading to all my girls

Everyone wants to "Pat The Bunny"...
Everyone wants to “Pat The Bunny”…
And the it starts to go horribly wrong...
And the it starts to go horribly wrong…
Everyone melts down...
Everyone melts down…
Feelings get hurt...
Feelings get hurt…
There IS a third child in this picture - check out the feet in the middle... But where did she go??
There IS a third child in this picture – check out the feet in the middle… But where did she go??


Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Three Carseats Across…   22 comments

Three across the backseat

Three across the backseat

Well, they’re not the best photos in the world, but for those that haven’t seen our personal brand of chaos when it comes to road trips, here it is folks… This is what happens when a family flat out refuses to move into the mini-van. Yup, they do make a carseat that fits 3 across the average backseat (ours is a Hyundai Santa Fe): the Sunshine Kids Radian. Because it is built on a steel frame Read the rest of this entry »

Where oh where has the last year gone??   3 comments

37.5 weeks pregnant (1 week before the twins arrived) with 15lbs of baby in there... And yes, that reads 51 inches!!!

December 13th, 2009

Dec. 23, 2009

Dec. 23, 2009

Oh my goodness, where has a year gone??

On December 13, 2009, we tucked Bridget into bed, snuck downstairs just the two of us, and snapped one last belly photo… We were 36.5 weeks pregnant with the girls, and I was sooo excited to meet them. Well, excited and scared. And rightly so. This has been a scarily exciting year. As I’ve noted in previous posts, this year has challenged me in ways I never imagined, and in all of the ways I knew it would when I snapped this photo. Caring for two little people at once (and trying not to ignore their older sister TOO much!) is quite a job. Even celebrities like Celine Dion find it hard (I don’t know why that suprises me, but I figured when you can afford sixteen billion nannies, wouldn’t it be easier??) Read the rest of this entry »

Something old, something new…   Leave a comment

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When I was a kid, Christmas morning was a frantic blur of activity. Not just because we were blessed with many presents to unwrap. Mainly because we had to accomplish an entire Christmas Day in a few short hours so that we could get on the road nice and early to head north to my paternal Nanny and Grampa’s house. We would rush through mad present opening, power down the decadent Christmas morning ‘farmer’s breakfast’ my mom was famous for (pancakes, eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, hashbrowns – the works! Soooo good…), then head back to fly through more presents before getting cleaned up and presentable. It was rushed, frantic, and to be honest, sometimes felt like a bit of waste of time. All I wanted to do was laze around with my parents on one of the only days I actually got them all to myself (and together, which was equally rare). But instead, we rushed away to spend time with the side of the family that didn’t even seem to like us much. Read the rest of this entry »

Mommy Does the Reindeer Hokey Pokey – for real.   2 comments

Last week, I dressed all three little girls up in their Christmas finery (thanks Nanny!) and headed to the Sherway Santa Experience. Sherway Mall is a nice suburban mall, but its a good 30 minute drive from our house, so we don’t head there often. But I tell ya, I would drive twice that distance happily to see this Santa. Honestly, this guy is the best Santa ever. The Santa Experience is not a traditional “photo session” but instead, the kids get a 45 minute “Circle Time” type playdate with Santa. And did I mention that this guy is the best Santa ever??? Okay, enough, but honestly, I am so in love with the guy it isn’t funny. As we’d already had the photo taken, this visit was more about fun. And fun we had! We even met up with another twin mom, Sarah, and her brood of 1+2 to make the event even more fun. But I’ll tell ya, after a morning of all 3 of my wee ones out and about together with no backup, mommy was READY to come home and put everyone in bed for a good, long nap!
But, first things first. First job we attempted to fulfill was taking a Christmas picture. But no matter how hard I tried, or how many times I flashed the flash, there was no wrangling 3 excited little people into a Norman Rockwell moment. Oh dear. Maybe next time.
Trying for an initial family photo - but no dice...

Trying for an initial family photo - but no dice...

Once we arrived at the mall, we found a parking spot and I started the 20 minute process of setting up, Read the rest of this entry »

A Poacher In Our Midst…   5 comments

 I found this just this morning.  Agony. Ack! There be a poacher in our midst!


Somehow, somewhere, small furry creatures have been eating my food. Small, tabby creatures (of which we have three, but who’s counting).  Of our herd, I can only think of one who might do such a thing… The betrayal stings, especially as I had shoved him off of the baby’s high chair only minutes before. For the fourty-third time. In 3 minutes. But he would only dare such treachery while I am at my most vulnerable, unable to defend my home territory. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen… Literally, behind my back, while I was busy attempting to feed two squaling twoddlers.

Yup, while I was busy feeding the babies, somehow, THIS happened. Don’t ask me how I didn’t hear it – actually, if you need to ask that, you need to drop by our house for ‘feeding time at the zoo’. When my youngest (can you say that when your youngest is only younger by two minutes? Sure, why not!) when my youngest is bouncing repetitively in her highchair, her older (by two minutes) sister is babbling delightedly, and my (seemingly much older) preschooler is screeming at me like a high school drop-out. Yup, can’t understand how I missed a small grey tabby quietly gnawing a hole in my infant cereal…

 The real question is… why?