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CONTEST ALERT: Bolts & Blip Studio Tour Contest!   Leave a comment

Bolts and Blip posterI guess its not such a great idea to blog about (potentially) little known contests you have entered, as it will likely result in you NOT winning! BUT this just sounded so cool, and since its for kids, I figure being altruistic might buy me some Karma points somewhere along the line! So after filling out a ballot, I thought I’d pass on my cool find…

(I heard about this awesome opportunity on My Organized Chaos…, one of my favorite blogs!)

Bolts & Blip, New Canadian Kids Show on Teletoon | Toronto Studio Tour Contest

Teletoon has a new kids cartoon premiering, and its created right here in the GTA! Bolts & Blip is a new robotic-themed cartoon, the world’s FIRST animated in 3D stereoscopic HD! The show themes around team work and finding your inner strength, and seems pretty cool from what I saw online!

BUT, even better, kids 6-14 living in the GTA can win a studio tour of ToonBox Entertainment! How cool would that be for the average “tween” techno-freak?? For those of us who remember Commodore 64s, Logo, and Pitfall, it would also be wicked awesome to see how far CGI has come and how its created, but to win this contest ya gotta be hooked up with a little person…

Visit to enter!

**All contest winners, who take the studio tour, must be between the ages of 6 and 14, as of July 31st, 2010, contest close date: Tour Date Is August 3rd