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Double the joy, double the cream…   5 comments

I get a lot of comments from complete strangers when I’m out and about. Most of the time its the same old, same old: 

  • “Wow! Are they twins?” (No, I stole someone else’s baby in the parking lot just for kicks…), 
  • “Oooh, double trouble!” (Wait till they’re 16 and then we’ll talk…) 
  • And my personal favorite,  “Now don’t you have your hands full..!” (Yeah, this is nothing. Wait till I have the twins, the pre-schooler, and the dog out for a walk by myself. Now that’s something worth boasting about…)


Nursing the twins (3m) with cousin Ethan visiting (11m)

Nursing the twins (3m) in double football/clutch, with cousin Ethan visiting (11m)!


 “And you’re nursing … BOTH of them?!?”

Now, I’ve often been tempted to answer with the sassy, “No, I’m only nursing this one, because she’s my favorite. The other one just gets formula.”  I wish I could pull that one off. Instead, I try to nod and smile, and tell people, “Yes, I’m nursing both. Isn’t it amazing what our bodies are capable of?” If I’m lucky, sometimes that will spark a nice discussion about their memories of nursing their baby, or some cute anecdote or story about nursing in general. And then, after the first is finished, I switch and nurse the other baby and we go on with our day.  

It makes me happy to be an advocate for nursing in public. With my first daughter, we struggled hard to learn how to ‘do it with ease’, and I am proud that I won the battle. We were able to find some great help (after weeks of struggling in vain), so a couple little shout-outs here: to our doula Pam Soltesz ( and Anne-Marie Desjardins in Toronto (416-295-8441), a great private lactation consultant who worked wonders with our first baby, and to our AMAZING Oakville La Leche League group (, which I only discovered when we had the twins. One of their leaders, Lenore Kilmartin ( was instrumental in helping us figure out how to double latch, feed and judge how much milk the twins were getting, and coach me through that first tough growth spurt – an amazing volunteer organisation!  

Bridget and I nurse our babies together

Bridget and I nurse our babies (7m) together

Nursing the twins while lunching in the backyard
Nursing the twins (5m) while lunching in the backyard


I’ve given up with covering up while nursing in public. After much fussing with the covers to keep other people comfortable, I realized that it was making both me and the babies uncomfortable, so I decided that our comfort won out over perceived stranger issues.
And for me, fast latching and cute nursing tops with peakaboo flaps has made nursing in public pretty discrete. And at home, we still prefer the double football/clutch hold, which means that pretty much everything I have to offer is right out there! Not discrete, but at home, who needs to be, right!
Nursing my twins has been a great experience. Not easy, but rewarding and well worth it. I hope that by nursing my twins while I’m out and about, people will see that nursing in public can be easy, convenient, and discrete – even with multiples!



“One knows not the worth of water till the well is dry…”   5 comments

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My husband knows to get water. It could be 7:30 in the morning, or just after dinner, or even (on more occasions than I’d like to admit) 3am, but he knows. He shows up, unbidden, with a huge mason jar of water in his hand and silently hands it to me, knowing even before I do that I’ll be thirsty as the Mojave Desert in about 35 miliseconds. Once those two little mouths trigger their first milk let-down, my body screams at me for re-hydration, and shakes its angry fist over the fact that I forgot (again) to drink enough to rehydrate after our last nursing session. So my hubby knows that no matter what else might be helpful, first off, I’m gonna need water. Over the last seven months of us nursing our twins, he’s learned to anticipate and be rewarded.

Usually, it’s just a tired smile and a “Honey, you’re the best…” Not too infrequently, that’s followed with, “And while you’re here, could you just grab my (blackberry, TV remote, lunch, hair elastic, etc) from the other side of the room and bring it over for me??” Because, unfortunately for Will, he’s the only one in our family with any foresight. One of the downsides of nursing twins (at least, simultaneously nursing twins) is that once you’re sitting down and in position with two little mouths latched on, you’re kinda stuck there. There’s no casual nursing while wandering around the kitchen tidying with the other hand… There’s no getting your own water, answering the door, grabbing the telephone, using the facilities, or any of the other 999 things I used to do while nursing my first daughter, Bridget. Nope. There is just 15 minutes of staring at the wall and talking to yourself, if you didn’t have the foresight to get what you needed first before you picked up the two babies. Which is what usually happens when I’m on my own.

But, blessedly, when my dear spouse, or my newly useful (almost) three year old are around, I get my water. Or my Blackberry. Or whatever else I am requesting. Because they love me. And that’s just what family does…


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