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The girls and me

My name is Kym, and I am the proud Canadian mama of “three under three”: Bridget, our oldest daughter (2007) and our (spontaneous) fraternal twin girls Kennedy and Taylor (2009). We live in Oakville, Ontario with our mini-zoo: three tabby cats (Asparagus, Sprocket, and Zachary), a yellow Labrador (Emma) and our little foster bunny John Hopkins. I grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, and met my husband, Will, while doing my Bachelors of Science at the University of British Columbia. I got my Veterinary degree at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan in 2004 and have been  a (mostly) happy small animal vet since.

In my spare time … wait. Who am I kidding?? We just covered the fact that I have three children under three years old, two of them still infants! In the three miliseconds I attempt to carve for myself everyday  weekdays  very occasionally, I love to read (I’m a nut for YA fiction!) and write, keep a photographic log of my life, knit like a demented granny, bake indulgent yummies, and (occasionally) dream about returning to competitive horseback riding someday…

Welcome to my often crazy, usually messy, sometimes dirty, always hectic, reliably laughter-filled world!


Posted June 30, 2010 by twinsideout

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  1. You are an inspiration my dear Kymmie. I was reading your breastfeeding piece and thought about when I was nursing Jaimie at the spaghetti house downtown Toronto. A server suggested I might be “more comfortable” in their grimy washroom with no chair and only one working toilet!! And my little pumpkin was even under a blanket while nursing, and I was sitting at a table at the back. that was, gulp, 17 years ago. I didn’t move. Said server just ignored me. And I felt I had done my small part. Before I left, a mom came over to me and said, “congratulations.” (ps. the pasta was terrible). On Thursday my little baby turns 17.
    love you guys so much – Patty

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