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Last week, my maternity leave ended and so I’m back at work. Sigh. What a way to kill a person’s free time… To top it off, in between waking kids, dressing kids, feeding kids, loading kids in the car, driving to daycare, driving to work, working, driving home from work, picking up at daycare, feeding kids, undressing kids, bathing kids, and putting kids to bed (whew!), I am trying desperately to finish my family`s annual photobook for 2009 (yup, 2009!) in time to catch the 60% off sale at, which ends this weekend. So posts have just fallen by the wayside. However, I figured I could at least post a Wordless Wednesday pic – since I’m knee deep wading through last year’s photos anyway…  I promise I will get back to a real post asap, but for now, I am proud to announce that after two weeks back at work, I am feeling pretty proud that I haven`t forgotten how to wow a client or work my inner `kitty whisperer`. Yea me!

But hopefully these photos will keep the grandparents at bay, for a little while at least. At three, we are just starting to enforce mandatory ‘chores’ for Bridget, like setting the table and tidying up her own toys. However, when she OFFERED to help daddy shovel the driveway, well, who in their right mind turns an offer like that down??
Bridget heads out to shovel with Daddy

Bridget heads out to shovel with Daddy



Slave labour - can`t wait until she can do the WHOLE driveway...
Slave labour – can`t wait until she can do the WHOLE driveway…
Slave labour - can`t wait until she can do the WHOLE driveway... 
Slave labour - can`t wait until she can do the WHOLE driveway...

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  1. Love them, love them, love them. Thanks for the pics.

  2. She’s just getting ready to park her own car there. Trust me, I know…oxoxoxo

  3. It brings back memories of you out with dad building the front stairs! You were like Bridget, so keen to help and be a part of dad’s construction job. I know I used to shovel our driveway and must admit I do not miss doing it one little bit. So far have missed it hear and I hope we are aw3ay in Kelowna and I am back east visiting you when we get the big “dump” here in Langley! The photos tell a great story Kym. hugs mom

  4. Work is so overrated 😉
    Hope that the transition goes smoother as time passes. Can’t even imagine getting 3 ready! EEKS!
    Love the shots! How cute!

  5. Your kids are just tooo cute! Your newest follower 🙂

  6. Free child labour: brilliant; can’t wait ’til mine are that age! 😉

    What a great little girl, a real ‘cutie’ too: she looks quite a bit like how I imagine our Ellie might at that age 🙂 Great pics

  7. So cute! JD has a little shovel, too, but he is not nearly so helpful!

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