Why Being Canadian Rocks At Christmas Time…   3 comments

There are times when it just totally rocks to be Canadian. Christmas is one of those times… For the last 30 years, Canada Post has been personally answering children’s letters to Santa. What started as a local initiative in Montreal, Quebec 30 years ago has spread into a Canada-wide program that answers over one million letters every Christmas season from Canadian children. They must be addressed to Santa Claus at the North Pole, with the postal code HOH OHO, and they must be posted in Canada with a Canadian address. I remember writing them every year, and delighting at the hand-written responses I used to get, written just for me! Obviuosly, as the program has grown from a few thousand letters to over a million, the Canada Post volunteers (over 11,000 last year) no longer do hand written letters, but the form letter is usually pretty cute.
We wrote ours back in November, the morning of the Oakville Santa Claus Parade, and handed it directly to the Canada Post volunteer who was handling letters to Santa. As Christmas approached, I was getting a bit nervous, as B wanted to know why Santa hadn’t written back yet. I was wondering if maybe the letter (or perhaps the return address) hadn’t been decipherable, and was starting to wonder if I shouldn’t have told her that he answers them!
The letter itself

The letter itself

But on Christmas Eve, her letter arrived. Usually they come with a personalized PS at the bottom, but this year’s program must have been more than a little swamped, so hers was just the ‘form letter’. But she was thrilled none the less. We settled into the rocking chair in the living room to savour Santa’s words.
We read her letter from Santa with much excitement!

We read her letter from Santa with much excitement!

What a great memory. So glad we got the letter in time, even if it didn’t have the PS at the bottom. I think its one of the nicest, most selfless things a person can do – give the gift of time, especially during the busy Christmas season. We will definately write again next year. And, if for some crazy reason, someone who reads this knows a Canada Post ‘Letters To Santa’ volunteer – please hug them for me, for Bridget, and for all the other kids for whom they keep the magic of Christmas alive…


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3 responses to “Why Being Canadian Rocks At Christmas Time…

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  1. I have kept everyone of the letters Santa wrote to Jaimie. She stumped us a wee bit the year she decided that she wanted a letter from the Grinch instead! And amazingly – he hand delivered a letter to her bedroom on Christmas Eve. Ah the magic. But then again, my 17 year old still put out treats for Santa and we still read “Night Before Christmas” before bed on Christmas Eve. Love you guys

  2. In my childhood we wrote the letters and sent them up the chimney when a warm pre-Christmas fire had turned to embers, as not to burn our wee fingers. When you were young we did that too until the Canada Post started it’s traditional more formal delivery. I agree there is magic for every child and warm memories for the moms or dads who assist with the letter writing or receiving. The only other very special that arrived every Christmas, of course you remember Kym was from carol Spinney aka…BIG BIRD from Sesame Street. We were extremely fortunate to have met him at a Vancouver Symphony concert rehearsal and received hand drawn pictures for about 15 years. Those were the favorite letters to receive in our house when you and Michelle were growing up ! Bridget’s photos show the awe of receiving Santa’s Christmas Eve gift…wonderment

  3. Oh I wanted to do this this year but time ran out…it’s ok though, my son is totally terrified of the guy in red anyways 😉
    Hopefully we can do this next year.
    The last picture of you two is adorable!

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