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Okay, so I’m super behind posting a new entry on Twinsideout. Yup, I know. Bad me. But I have had waaaay better things to do in the last week. So the next few posts will be ‘catch-ups’ to show off all the ‘better things’ that we’ve been doing as a family. Like this one – our first family gingerbread house. We’ve done the cookie thing. Lots. Decorating fresh-baked cookies is getting so ‘old hat’ for Bridget that she even turns it down sometimes when I offer. But a whole house? Even B couldn’t turn down that offer.

Nanny sent us the pre-baked pieces in the mail all the way from Vancouver, BC – over 3000 km away. So this is definately a mobile pre-fab gingerbread house. But the candies were bought locally, I swear. And the fun was ALL Toronto. The roof caved in after Mommy applied a wee bit too much pressure to stick it to the other pieces. We did more than a little sampling during the procedure. And while my inner “Martha” tried to kick in several times and even out the distribution of candies for Bridget, I managed to supress the urge to “correct” things and just let her decorate willy-nilly. And, as hard as it is to admit, I think the darn thing probably looks better that way!

Here are a few pics of our decorating extravaganza:

And for those that find our decorating success more than a little nauseating, check out my new blog buddy Kimberly’s take on decorating Xmas cookies, garcon-style here! Hilarious…

Assembling Nanny's pre-fab pieces!

Assembling Nanny's pre-fab pieces!

Same architect as "Cave-On Foods", obviously!
Same architect as “Cave-On Foods”, obviously!
Decorating the tree
Decorating the tree
Is anyone home?
Is anyone home?
Roof's on!
Roof’s on!
Hard at work sticking the "glue" on
Hard at work sticking the “glue” on

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  1. Thanks for the shout out!!!
    I so wanted to make a gingerbread house this year but when I saw how much “fun” making cookies all by myself was, I figured I’d wait another year to tackle that project. Your house looks yummy!

  2. Ethan and Michelle went to Shannon’s house to do the same on an !8 month scale…smaller, but just as messy and lots of fun! Bridget is getting so much wonderful experience in the kitchen…just wait til Nanny gets there! Soon you will be able to have the lunches etc. made for you all. Hugs to everyone.

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