Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Three Carseats Across…   22 comments

Three across the backseat

Three across the backseat

Well, they’re not the best photos in the world, but for those that haven’t seen our personal brand of chaos when it comes to road trips, here it is folks… This is what happens when a family flat out refuses to move into the mini-van. Yup, they do make a carseat that fits 3 across the average backseat (ours is a Hyundai Santa Fe): the Sunshine Kids Radian. Because it is built on a steel frame (instead of the traditional plastic that most carseats are made from), it is equally super-safe, but also slimmer and more “low profile” than our previously purchased carseats (the incredible Britax Boulevard). In these pictures, the Radian is the pink and brown seat our older daughter Bridget is sitting in (Petal, such a cute colour), and the twins are using our two black and grey Britax seats that we bought for Bridget the first time around.

Three across the backseat

Three across the backseat

Honestly, after using both top quality seats over this past year side by side, I prefer the Radian, hands down. The seat is lower, so much easier for Bridget to climb into without help. The adjustable straps run more smoothly and tighten with less muscle. The fabric colours are SOOOOOO cute in the Radian. The only downsides – its longer when its rear facing, which cuts down on the passenger-side front seat leg room. And the seat is SUPER heavy (easily 10lbs heavier than the Britax), which matters if you are dragging it in and out of separate cars or through a lot of airports. But who travels a lot with 3 children under 3?? Okay, maybe Brad and Angie. But honestly, they have porters to carry their stuff.

So for us, we’ll be buying 2 more Radians next month when I go back to work – yup, that’s right folks. We will soon be the proud owners of SIX, yes six three hundred dollar car seats… Sigh. But honestly, can you really put a price on your child’s safety in an accident?

Oh! And for those of you who noticed our kids are all wearing snowjackets due to the extreme cold snap we had up here, we learned this really great trick from a carseat install tech on how to buckle a carseat safely when forced to wear a jacket: place kid in carseat with jacket on but undone. Click carseat straps into bottom latch, then pull jacket tails out through the triangle of the strap at the waist, so that most of the jacket is on top of the straps, not underneath. Close the chest buckle (again, no jacket underneath) and tighten straps. Then you can use the velcros on the jacket to re-close the jacket over top of the carseat straps, keeping child warm but removing jacket bulk! The only place the straps should be over the jacket is the narrow inch or so over the shoulders!


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  1. As a Mom of 4 ( No twins) I always had a problem fitting in the seats..I think your doing a great job and I had to giggle a bit at the pics I know the “full car” road trip feeling Oh to well

  2. Awww! Too cute – and all bundled up!

  3. They do look so cute sitting there all bundled up, but . . . I’m sure road trips can be quite the experience. Nevertheless, fun times to remember and talk about when they have children of their own!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and linking up to my linky 🙂

    Have a wonderful day . . . Gina

  4. That is so adorable. I would have to have to take a long car trip like that though! I’d get claustrophobic!

  5. Wow! So cute 🙂 Must be a fun ride for them!

  6. They all look warm…

  7. Looks a lot like the back of my car! We had the 2 radian carseat rear-facing though. The front passengers practically had to stick knees into mouths to fit in front of them. As soon as the babies turned 1, we had to front-face them to make it safe enough for the parents to drive!
    I have a 3rd row of seats too, and once the girls forward-faced, I moved J to the third row, so he feels like he has his own row (and there is less beating up of the sisters!). He’s wedged back there beside the stroller.

    We decided not to buy 6 carseats, so if we are all going out, we have to take my car. Paul’s car can only hold Jonah, or adults.

    • Sadly, in order to do the daycare dance “ok, you drop off today, and I’ll pick up”, we need the full set in both cars. A few times each winter, Will calls to say his GO Train has been delayed or gotten stuck in between stations, so its not even like we can just take the car with the carseats on our designated daycare ‘day’…

  8. Our backseat is so incredibly cramped, I’m not sure I could fit 3 carseats in it!

    Happy WW! Hope to see you stop by!

  9. how life changes after babies. Love this photo!

  10. When I had my third, three kids in the back seat of a Honda civic was just rediculas. After hearing he is touching me (of course he is, he has no option not to touch you) for the millionth time we broke down and bought a mini van. I didn’t really like the first one, a Pontiac Montana but I love, love my new one, a Toyota Sienna.

    I’m very impressed that you are able to get them all in.

    Good luck next month when u return to work.

  11. that is fantastic! I have never seen anything like it. Funny thing but I never even thought of how 3 car seats would fit in the back row! Thanks for visting my blog and for linking up!

  12. I think it looks fun! Thanks for the car seat/ jacket tip – now if I could get my husband to do it… :0)

  13. So glad to hear your review of the Radian! We have a huge Britax Hi-Way (imported) and need a slim seat to fit beside it, so we were thinking of the Radian as well. And I love that jacket trick! We do the same. So glad to meet another safety-conscious mama. 🙂

  14. I can’t tell you what a big smile this picture brought to my face. When my twins were born I had FIVE kids in car seats. Ah. The good old days. he he.

  15. I bet the closeness helps keep them warm back there in the winter too. I will pass the jacket trick onto my son & dil…. thanks for commenting & linking up too!

  16. wow, that is one cozy car! 🙂

  17. How do the twins see anything with the drop down hoods!
    No room left for gramma to sit in beside Miss B any we have to drive “caravan style”, but it’s worth it! Are we there yet????

  18. OH MY… must be a JOY strapping and unstrapping THREE.. lol.. looks like a party back there.. hehehehehehe Happy WW

  19. A real full house–coordinated, happy, loved, and wanted. Enjoy.

  20. So excited to see you were able to fit a radian and two marathons in the back of your Santa Fe. I have these exact seats and SUV and have #3 on the way. Were they installed using the latch system or the belt? Do you happen to know if they fit with the Marathons in the forward facing position (either one or two of them).

  21. @ Diane: The Britax seats we have are Boulevards – not sure if they have the same shape/footprint or not. The Boulevard might be even bulkier than a Marathon, as it has the additional side-impact “wings”. They were installed with belts in all positions, as you need the extra “wiggle room” to get a safe install. We never tried the fit with 2 Britaxes and 1 Radian all forward facing, but you might just make it! Good luck with your new addition!

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