Where oh where has the last year gone??   3 comments

37.5 weeks pregnant (1 week before the twins arrived) with 15lbs of baby in there... And yes, that reads 51 inches!!!

December 13th, 2009

Dec. 23, 2009

Dec. 23, 2009

Oh my goodness, where has a year gone??

On December 13, 2009, we tucked Bridget into bed, snuck downstairs just the two of us, and snapped one last belly photo… We were 36.5 weeks pregnant with the girls, and I was sooo excited to meet them. Well, excited and scared. And rightly so. This has been a scarily exciting year. As I’ve noted in previous posts, this year has challenged me in ways I never imagined, and in all of the ways I knew it would when I snapped this photo. Caring for two little people at once (and trying not to ignore their older sister TOO much!) is quite a job. Even celebrities like Celine Dion find it hard (I don’t know why that suprises me, but I figured when you can afford sixteen billion nannies, wouldn’t it be easier??)
But I wouldn’t change it for the world. And if any new mom-to-be of twins happens across this page – its all worth it. I often think having twins (heck, having children in general) is like running a marathon – okay, you’re right, i’ve never run more than 5K. But I imagine that its like running a marathon: the first bit is great, because you`re well rested, excited, and running on the adrenaline of the starter`s gate. After a while, though, as the pack begins to thin, and everyone has stopped celebrating and is now just getting down to work, it gets tough. The grind becomes both mentally and physically excuciating. You no longer have any adrenaline left, and you are aware that there is still a long way to go. Like a hallway in a carnival fun house, perpective skews, and suddenly this stretch seems to stretch forever long in front of you. But then, somewhere once the babies start to sleep for you (for me, around 10 months and several weeks of sleeping pills later – :0)  the runners high hits. And man, is it a nice high.
One of my absolutely favorite authors, Shannon Hale, just had her own set of spontaneous fraternal twin girls (as babies 3&4!) last month. She has been beautifully chronicling her pregnancy and early motherhood in her fab blog Squeetus, and I have loved reading her posts. She is still in the early stages, but it will interesting to see what amazingly crafted blogs Shannon will write about the narsty middle months of being a new twin mom.
For now, I hope this new “runners high” lasts for a long time. At least until teenagehood. And on days it doesn`t, I will look at these “First Birthday” photos and smile…
Taylor and Kennedy, Xmas 2010

Taylor and Kennedy, Xmas 2010Kennedy, Xmas 2010

Kennedy, Xmas 2010 Kennedy, Xmas 2010
Kennedy, Xmas 2010
Kennedy, Xmas 2010
Taylor, Xmas 2010

Taylor, Xmas 2010

Taylor, Xmas 2010

Taylor, Xmas 2010


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  1. How adorable are they?! It is so amazing how much they grow in such a short time. I think you may have made my ovaries explode with that picture of them in the stocking!

  2. Well at least when it’s cold outside, those kiddos will be snuggly warm next to each other! Adorable picture!

  3. That stomach was an amazing size when we look back on it….you have certainly done an amazing shrinking job..are you stilloing to Pilates? The girls pictures are beautiful and you are a great MOM!

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