A Poacher In Our Midst…   5 comments

 I found this just this morning.  Agony. Ack! There be a poacher in our midst!


Somehow, somewhere, small furry creatures have been eating my food. Small, tabby creatures (of which we have three, but who’s counting).  Of our herd, I can only think of one who might do such a thing… The betrayal stings, especially as I had shoved him off of the baby’s high chair only minutes before. For the fourty-third time. In 3 minutes. But he would only dare such treachery while I am at my most vulnerable, unable to defend my home territory. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen… Literally, behind my back, while I was busy attempting to feed two squaling twoddlers.

Yup, while I was busy feeding the babies, somehow, THIS happened. Don’t ask me how I didn’t hear it – actually, if you need to ask that, you need to drop by our house for ‘feeding time at the zoo’. When my youngest (can you say that when your youngest is only younger by two minutes? Sure, why not!) when my youngest is bouncing repetitively in her highchair, her older (by two minutes) sister is babbling delightedly, and my (seemingly much older) preschooler is screeming at me like a high school drop-out. Yup, can’t understand how I missed a small grey tabby quietly gnawing a hole in my infant cereal…

 The real question is… why?



5 responses to “A Poacher In Our Midst…

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  1. Oh Gus! He is just so awesome, that is why, lol.

  2. He really is quite sweet, that except when he storms the dinner table no matter how many times he is deposited rather firmly on the floor!

  3. Guess you’re just going to have to give him his OWN bowl of oatmeal. LOL

  4. Hahahha! That picture at the end is absolutely priceless!!

  5. Thanks, Kim! Gus is really quite a character… It wasn’t hard to find a photo of him “hamming it up” in the foreground while I was trying to get pics of my kids. I usually have to lock him out before we start a ‘photoshoot’!

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