Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Our little Twin-adoes have struck again   1 comment

Somewhere in the Multiples blog network, I read a post in which she called her kids the “Twin-adoes” after they tore through her house, leaving a path of destruction in their wake. At the time, our babies were only 2 months old, and the thought of the two of them moving, touching, exploring and dumping just hadn’t even really occured to me.
Well, now that our girls are both on the move (KC couch-surfing and Taylor with her funny “sidewinder” crawl), their access to previously unobtainable play areas has led to an unfettered release of choatic energy. In other words, all bets are off, they can reach/touch/grab/destroy pretty much anything they like, and now, when my attention is turned to one twin, you gotta know that the other one is taking full advantage to boot it as far away as possible to get into whatever kind of trouble they can find.To avoid what you are about to see, the girls generally get relegated to ‘the pigpen’ (see the SuperYard posting), with toys rotated in, or in some kind of monitored activity (Mother Goose singing rhymes, watching Baby Einstein, eating, etc).  But on occasional days, i just let them roam around the centre hallway design of our main floor, discovering and generally trashing whatever they find in their way. Like a typical mob, they quickly lose interest once the destruction has happened, and move quickly into a new, “virgin” area to search for more targets. Here are a few pics from one such day.
My little twinadoes

My little twinadoes

The play kitchen in the hallway is their favorite starting point.
Formal living/dining room
Formal living/dining room
 Next they tear out any tucked away puzzles, colouring books, or stickers B has left on the coffee table for inspection
It trickles into the entryway

It trickles into the entryway

 Entry halls are a wonderful place to find shoes to distribute, plastic bags to rustle, and to bother with whatever was inside that plastic bag. In this case, a toy I am taking back to Costco because its crap and the kids hate it, won’t play with it. Except in the this photo. For these 35 miliseconds, that toy was the most fascinating thing Taylor had ever seen.

Living Room Chaos

Living Room Chaos

Most of our friends have heard about our little “construction project” building the ‘pigpen’. Using the SuperYard XT system from Toys r Us, we attached it to the corner wall of our family room so the kids couldn’t slide it around, and now can add in and take away panels to increase or decrease the space it occupies. It has become a wonderful safehaven, the twins happily go in to see what toys mom has switched in today, and will play happily together for sometimes up to an hour. There are occasional altercations that need mom’s assisstance: for example, Kennedy likes to use her sister to pull herself up to standing. Taylor is definately not cool with this. But the look of glee on KCs face as she finds balance counteracts the silent wail that is beginning from her sister so laughably that we try not to giggle as we’re breaking up the fight. But again, after 10 minutes in its confines, and it is a crazy mess too.
The infamous "pigpen" from above
The infamous “pigpen” from above

I enjoy walking around behind my crazy girls as they go on explore and destroy missions. It makes for a lot of tidy-up work afterwards, but really… Isn’t it so worth it to see that scaliwag gleam of the eye as they sight their next target, and take off, both giggling uproariously. Isn’t that why having twins is supposed to be more fun?


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  1. Isn’t it funny how they leave a trail of toys where ever they go? They can never really hide from you when they leave a trail of evidence. Hee hee

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