Mostly Wordless Wednesday (ok Thursday, I’m a little behind!)   2 comments

 I wanted to post these yesterday, but Preemie Awareness Day  took precidence, so here we are. Better late than never for Mostly Wordless Wednesday, right?
As the twins are getting older, Bridget is finding them far more interactive. This has become her favorite new game to play with them – Peek-A-Boo! Okay, her true favorite is “Lets see which twin will wail loudest when I steal her toy??” game. But we’re working on that. At least this game is ‘kid tested, Mother approved’… Taylor is especially fond of Peek-A-Boo and will play all by herself, but our favorite part is that each time the blankie is moved away, she’ll say her own name, which she pronounces “Tae-dah”. As more of the little words, games and giggles come out, they sit like musical notes in mommy’s day, bringing such lightness and fun.
I am so excited to watch my 3 girls grow and expand their loving bond. Every time I have to go break up a fight over a toy, wipe tears away from some unseen injustice that has occured, or remind Bridget that it won’t be long before Taylor and Kennedy will actually want to follow her around when she crawls away and calls their names, I realize it might be the last time I do. I can’t remember the last time I helped one of them sit up by bracing their backs against my knees. Or helped them push their hands down their sleeves while getting dressed. Or rolled Tally back over when she got stuck on her tummy. Or held a bottle for them. Even burping them is more for my sanity than their need, so I can be SURE we’ve burped before we lay them down for bed. So even these things, these tears of frustration and wishes for companionship will soon be lost in secretive whispers and illusive games that I, the Mommy, will not be invited to join… But hopefully they will still allow the camera to catch their merriment!
Where's Bridget, Tally?

Where's Bridget, Tally?

Could she be under here?

Could she be under here?



True sibling love

True sibling love


2 responses to “Mostly Wordless Wednesday (ok Thursday, I’m a little behind!)

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  1. What joy! Those are the perfect captures of the game and the sibling enthusiasm. Your girls are so cute!

  2. Aw, so sweet!

    I can not imagine having 3 under 3!
    I love listening to my 12yo play with my 1yo, though. 🙂

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