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Okay, so today is officially the March of Dimes “Preemie Awareness Day”, and as such, I’m reposting on the same subject  I have before. I know, bad blogger etiquette, especially considering the first was at the beginning of the month! But Multiples and More  did it, so why not me, right??

For those of you who didn’t read my previous post on Kendra, our lovely cousins Sylvia and Jeff were pregnant with their first baby at the same time as we were pregnant with the twins. The twins were due at Xmas, and Kendra around Easter, but on December 20th, the night before we were to have our twins (at 37.5 weeks), we received a call from Sylvia’s mom that Kendra had been born: 26 weeks, 2lb. Kendra’s aunt, Suzanne Day, a fantastic photographer in Barrie, Ontario, created this beautiful video of Kendra’s journey from being a micro-preemie to today, and I felt that it was important to share it with anyone who will watch so they can see the fight these little peanuts face when they come out WAY too early, first hand.

Tonight, when I am on my way to sleep, I will send up a prayer to every mom of a premature baby that I know, every mom that I don’t know, and every mom who doesn’t even know yet herself … I will pray for strength and courage, I will pray for HOPE, and mostly I will pray for God’s love to carry them through a journey where few would have the strength to carry themselves. And more than anything, I will pray for science to continue forging forward to find better and more complete solutions for these little peanuts fighting for their lives.

I am just one of hundreds of bloggers that is taking time today to help raise awareness about this important cause. Bloggers Unite!


3 responses to “Kendra’s Journey

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  1. Today, Preemie Awareness Day, I hug and kiss my little angel girl and I thank her for coming into my life and teaching me the lesson of true strength.

    Thanks again, Kym for featuring Kendra in your blog. I love reading about her and sharing her miracle with others.

    Can’t wait to see you soon.
    Take care,

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  3. On behalf of the March of Dimes, thank you so much for sharing Kendra’s story. She has come so far…and she is so beautiful! We appreciate you joining Bloggers Unite to help us get the word out about prematurity. We fight for Preemies everywhere, because they shouldn’t have to.

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