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Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve my husband. Reading that back to myself, occasionally I even wonder it in the exasperated way that sentence sounds! (Why God, why??)  😉

All teasing aside, he really is a multi-talented guy, and seriously good at all sorts of weird and crazy things. Besides being a  Wall Street  Bay Street wonderboy and general academic whiz-kid, he is also incredibly good at strange things in areas completely unrelated to math and banks: he hand-tied 6 dozen roses into a wedding bouquet for my sister, complete with a ribbon-wrapped handle. He knows his way around a radial saw and can chop a mean stack of firewood. And he can cook. Maaaaan can he cook. But he also has some serious cake decorating skills, honed young in life with his mom, who used to make those birthday “theme” cakes we all envied as kids – you know, like the barbie cake where the skirt was the cake and a real Barbie was in the middle. Yup. THOSE cakes.

Recently, we discovered that our stoic little Taylor had a bad ear infection. So bad, in fact, that her little ear drum had ruptured to relieve the pressure and drain out all the yucky pus. And she had said nothing about it to us… 10.5 months old, and little to no tears/fussing/malaise/fever. Just sweet little Taylor. And so yesterday morning, after a particularly long overnight helping her with some pain (that she was finally showing), Daddy got up with all 3 little girls in the morning and let Mommy sleep in for a few blissful hours.

I awoke to the most delightful smell of cupcakes baking in the oven, and one completely exstatic 3 year old. Daddy and she had made “Tinkerbell” cupcakes that morning, and they were going to throw an “decorating” party. You’d think someone had told her she had just won a million dollars. Actually, I don’t think that even that would have made her smile and dance around with glee like these cupcakes in the oven did.

Bridget arranges the decorations
Bridget arranges the decorations

Will got working on his famous home-made buttercream icing (did I mention the man doesn’t use recipes? Some butter, some milk, some sugar, blend until it looks right – yummm!), then checked in with the pre-schooler on colour choice. “They’re Tinkerbell cupcakes, Daddy. I want Tinkerbell colours.” So Tinkerbell colours she got. Will uses these funky “paste colours” his mom sent us, they’re the type the “professionals” use, so you really can get exactly the colour you want – no more “add one drop yellow to 6 drops blue – oops! That looks sorta awful” that I remember from liquid food colouring.

Tinkerbell colours!
Tinkerbell colours!

We called our friends Chuck & Julie and invited their two kids Gregory & Jessica over for a little decorating party. Then we set up the table, and waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, just in the nick of time (B was starting to covertly sneak into the kitchen to “check on” the decorations, and I knew they wouldn’t last long!), our friends arrived, and the hardcore decorating began.

Everyone working hard!
Everyone working hard!

The kids had a blast. We took them down to the park afterward to run off their sugar-high sillies just before the sun went down, and then shared a lovely and relatively civilized dinner, (considering we had 5 young kids eating with us).  And shared an even lovelier bottle of wine (note my previous statement re: 5 kids).  And I have no pictures of that part, as I was too busy eating, enjoying, and encouraging my 3 year old to remain in her seat and keep her hands to herself.

Even the adults got busy decorating!
Even the adults got busy decorating!
If you haven’t thrown a spontaneous cupcake decorating party, just because, I highly recommend it. Not only are cupcakes easy to make from a box, but keeping a box of basic sprinkles, balls, and decorations is easy and really quite cheap entertainment. Will likes to separate his icing into three or four little bowls and colour it (again, could be just as easily done with Duncan Heines box of icing), then pour it into icing bags with a few different tips. These things are what totally make the cupcake decorating party, as the kids find the bags easy to manipulate, and make fancy designs with little effort. The bags and tips can even be found cheaply at Homesense or The Canadian Superstore as kits these days, and then when you are done, leftover icing can be frozen for next time. A totally enjoyable day: fun, cheap, easy, and treat-sy! What more can you ask for?


 And, in case you are wondering… He isn’t for sale. He doesn’t have a brother. And no, you can’t have him. Ha!


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  1. Sounds like a wonderfully spontaneous day! And the decorated cupcakes look yummy enough to eat off the screen!! lol

    But what about Taylor and her ear infection??? Is she on antibiotics? How does a ruptured ear drum repair itself? And, will this unfortunate infection impair her hearing (due to ruptured ear drum)??? Poor wee thing….

    Oh, by the way, I have my own Prince Charming who does wonderful things around the house (he is also an AWESOME cook!), so no worries — I’ll be keeping my own man! LOL

  2. Looks like everyone had a fabulous tiime……yes, Will IS like a crystal..multifaceted! And you neglected to say he is a great son-in law as well. Bridget will be cooking soon herself with both of you so good at making delicious dinners.I didn’t see the twins licking the spoons..didn’t they get into the act?
    Great tips for some readers that haven’t yet tried this. You should be writing a newspaper column,Kym

  3. Thanks for a wonderful evening! Kids are still bouncing off the walls from the sugar in the cup cakes you sent home with us!

  4. Wow, he’s a keeper for sure! Thats awesome! My girls would have LOVED that as well. I am also lucky to have a husband that knows his way around the kitchen (as well as lots of other odd things) though baking is an area he hasn’t explored much, ha ha.

    Hope the ear infection is clearing up for your baby! Poor kid! My girls had tons of infections their first year or so and it would be SO hard to tell when they had one or not. They grew out of it by their second winter though, hope yours do to!

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