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My daughter is one of those kids that just knows how to ask for stuff outside of the mainstream. Don’t get me wrong, she’s the “Disney Princesses'” number one fan. She IS “pinkalicious”, and its all Barbie and Polly Pockets, all the time, at our house. But the kid has a knack for getting her heart set on the totally unobtainable – okay, well, the difficult, at least – when it comes to Hallowe’en. 

Last year, it was Pablo. She just had to be a Backyardigan. Now, we don’t have cable TV at our house, so her access to TV shows comes from episodes we’ve downloaded or rented for her. And when we discovered The Backyardigans, which is a mini-musical in every episode, we figured it was a “lesser evil” kind of kids show, so downloaded a bunch of episodes for her. And of course, she was hooked.

But the Backyardigans were on their way out, likely were a few years ago when we discovered them (replaced by God only knows what on Nick Jr – Dora, maybe). But they were definately LAST season. Waaaay last season. Now its one thing when your kid wants to be THE costume of that year. Finding one at a store, when everyone’s sold out, can be tough. But a costume for a show that was gone three seasons ago?? Good luck. Not even available online! But as luck would have it, sometimes you don’t need luck, you just need … Nanny.

Nanny (Will’s mom) pulled a wicked awesome costume out of her head, drew out a pattern, sewed and stuffed it, boxed it up, and sent it to our door half-way across the country. Uber-cool. B had no idea how much work went into her costume, but I did, and everyone was happy. So this is Bridget as Pablo last year. Mommy was a pumpkin. The twins went as “twinkles in daddy’s eye”. Okay, that was dumb. Sounded cuter in my head. Whatever. But it was a fun night.


That was last year. This year Ms. B decided she wanted to be Snow White for Hallowe’en. I breathed a sigh of relief. Snow White. Heck, everyone’s got that one, right?? Easy-peasy. In fact, on my next visit to Costco, there sat a whole rack of Disney costumes, including what?? Snow White! And it was a nice one. And it wasn’t exhorbitant! Perfect. Checkmate.

Wrong. In line with her true nature, I had missed the post-script to her request. After returning home with a huge, self-satisfied smile on my face, our conversation went something like this:

“Guess what I found for you today, pumkin? Your Snow White costume!”

“Yea, yea, mommy yea! Did you get ones for the babies too?”

“You want your sisters to go as Snow White also? I was going to dress them in the pumpkin and Minnie Mouse Costumes we had from when you were a baby.”

You’d think I’d kicked the kid in the face. Out pops the bottom lip, which starts to tremble, and a HUGE tear slides down her face. After much incoherent babbling while snot and tears run down her face, I figure out that I have ruined her life. Again. Because I wasn’t going to dress her sisters in the costumes SHE wanted. And what did she have in mind?

“But I wanted the babies to go as my Dwarfs, Mommy!”

Ohhhhh God. Dwarfs. Really?? Could you pick a harder costume to find? Is that even commercially available? Simple answer – nope. Not available anywhere. But I was up to this challenge. What is really involved in a “7 dwarfs” costume anyhow? A loose-fitting blouse-y top, a floppy hat, boots and pants. Hmmm… So I went digging in the clothes bins of out-grown Bridget clothes to find oversized, blouse-y tops. That matched. That had no visible stain in the middle of the chest. That were a solid, non-patterned fabric. With long sleeves. Wow, it was tight. But I found 2 cream tops in size 3T that were long enough to belt in at the waist (ha! like the babies have a waist! What they have looks closer to a Molson muscle…)!  Okay, check! Next was matching simple pants, which, thanks to a generous mom who seems to buy everything for her (single) daughter in multiple colours when she catches a good sale and has now given her out-growns to us, I had 2 matching brown pairs! Awesome.

Now came the tough part – hats. I found some blue broadcloth in my crafting bin, and used a crazy cool hat we already had as a rough pattern. Folded fabric in half to cut the hat out, so only had 1 seam to sew. Hauled out the sewing machine. Then discovered that my husband can sew far better than I can. Not that it should suprise me. But it did! Did you know Will got the highest mark in his Home Ec class?? Me niether! So quick as a wink, I had 2 little dwarf hats handed to me, that I ironed velcro patches onto the chin straps so they can’t just haul ’em off right away. So hats – check! Man, I’m just clocking along here. Until I thought of something else. All the dwarfs had beards. Hmmm… So I found some cream fuzzy material and cut out bibs with flames coming off the bottom, and they sorta look beard-like. Again, iron-on velcro helped hold ’em on just like the bib I used as a rough pattern, and schizam! Beards.

So this morning I got everyone dressed to go to the Early Years Centre Halloween party, and the babies just looked… dumb. Like kids in oversized clothes with fuzzy bibs and blue hats. Something was just not working… Until I figured out what we were missing – belts with big buckles!

So out came the felt, and the iron-on velcro (man, that stuff is the best!!), and we finally had an outfit. Slipped on the brown Robeez fuzzy boots and the kids actually looked like dwarfs. Well, more like garden gnomes, but when you see the 3 together, it makes sense, I swear! So Snow White and her 2 dwarfs, Happy and Grumpy (either twin, depending on the day) headed to the EYC for a great party. And I was sooooo overwhelmed trying to manage 3 tiny people in a crowded, chaotic situation that I got – wait for it – NO pictures whatsoever of anyone today.

Dwarf costume

Dwarf costume

Anyhow, I will post pics from our actual Hallowe’en trip as soon as I can (when I will have 2 little people stuck in a stroller and another fully functional adult to help wrangle the 3 year old, stroller and dog), but at least I managed to snap one of Emma modelling her Hallowe’en night dwarf outfit. When our neighbors ask which dwarf she is, I figure that’s easy: Dopey! 

Emma in the dwarfs hat and beard...

Emma in the dwarfs hat and beard...


4 responses to “Adventures in Iron-on Velcro…

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  1. I have never laughed sooooo hard! Yes I though the Ballet theme for Bridget’s Birthday was a challenge but DWARFS. Glad I sent the brown boots they actually look authentic! You and Will are quite the pair..Bridget doesn’t know how lucky she is! Emma really suits being Dopey and she looks quite her old age with the beard on. Wish we were there to watch them all troup around. I loved Bridget singing “Some day my Prince will come to me the other day on the phone….you will have to have her do that for the special houses

  2. That is hilarious! I remember one Halloween, pulling out my sewing machine to make Jaimie’s costume because somehow I had it in my head that I had to make it by hand or she would be scarred for life. she wanted to be a kitten (remember the musical to follow Cats!) so I hauled out the machine – having not sewn anything since high school. I struggled with the ears, but it looked great! But at the first house we went to on Halloween, the lady handed her candy saying, “what a lovely little bear you are! What cute little bear ears.” Yep, I had indeed scarred her for life. From then on Costco was my friend…

    • Yup. A lot of people thought they were supposed to be “Garden Gnomes”… Oh well, we tried. But I remember a pic of JJ as the kitty cat. Don’t worry, those are the same people who look at my 2 peanuts in their pink dresses over embroidered jeans and say “What handsome boys you have!” I just say thank you – not worth the correction!

  3. I am just waiting for the girls to tell me in the years to come some off the wall costume ideas. The first three I was able to choose for them and this year they are all about some Disney princess and fairies so it worked out but I can just see it coming!

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