Wordless Wednesday: View from the Bumbleride…   4 comments

Ever wonder what my girls spend their days staring at??

View from the stroller

Always better to be the lead dog...


Posted July 21, 2010 by twinsideout in Wordless Wednesday

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4 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: View from the Bumbleride…

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  1. Mush, Emma, mush…

  2. That’s a great perspective shot!

    Happy WW!

  3. Love it! Lucky pup! I could never take our dog AND the girls, as the dog required full on attention and muscle to keep under control on a walk.

  4. I find wrangling the Labrador much worse than the “twinfants” also!! She is quite boistrous, and a total raving lunatic around other dogs… sigh! But I love her, and knowing that she’s been a bit of a “yard dog” since the twins were born compelled me to find a way to make it work! My two biggest suggestions?? #1: A face or body halter-type harness to prevent pulling (we wear a “halti”) is a very nice, non-aggressive way to reduce pulling and maintain control. And #2: hide her behind the stroller (beside me) at the approach of any other dog, or even better, walk a few steps up a driveway and sit there until they go by. Keeps things under control better…

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