The Power of Numbers   1 comment

When I was a kid, the classic mom threat was always “wait ’till your father gets home…”. These days, with a daddy who is often softer than I am when it comes to discipline (which really isn’t saying much), that one wouldn’t really hold water. Instead, what I hear myself saying is “Do I need to start counting?”

It’s amazing the power that 3 little numbers can have. What I find even more interesting is the last-minute decision-making that goes on when my 2.5 year old hears that she’s pushed things that little bit too far.

Sometimes, I don’t even have to start. The possibility of punishment is enough for her to back down and change whatever she’s doing. Most commonly, she’s caught deciding how badly she wants what she has, which takes up most of ONE and the early phonics of TWO before she acquiesces.

And while I know the goal is to raise a kid who makes good choices and doesn’t need to be warned about poor behaviour, sometimes I just have to bite back a smile. Because if she let’s me get to THREE (and trust me, I’ve been tempted to give her a two-and-three quarters warning to avoid this), she does it standing her ground, usually pulled up to her full height, hands on hips, with this very teenager-like furrowed brow and stubborn expression on her face. “No mommy, my NOT going to. My go sit on MY step.”

Somedays, ya just gotta feel for the little tykes.


Posted July 7, 2010 by twinsideout in Family matters, Favorite Posts

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  1. As I used to say during your early childhood years “my life is a Zip Lock Bag”…anything you can do to organize a day so that the adult carbon units get “an adult drink” and some time to smooze sounds like a winner. I remember when Bridget was little you used the plastic yard in the family room, but Emma, the clever canine would always manage to warp it’s shape enough to be totally annoying (eg.too near the fireplace) or manage to develop an escape hatch near the highchair. With my 2 titanium knees not completely healed it felt like climbing MT. Everest just to swing my legs over it to rescue some toy or recover a small unnoticed item from the floor before our little girl got to it.

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