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The girls and me

Hello! This is my first blog entry at Twinside Out, and I wanted it to be an introduction… My name is Kym, and I have been following several blogs written by “moms of multiples” over the last six months of maternity leave. I really enjoyed being a part of their day-to-day trials and triumphs, hearing about cool products  and picking up great tips, and I found myself inspired over and over again! So since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I felt it might be a fun journey to start blogging also.

I am the proud Canadian mama of “three under three”: Bridget, our older daughter, is two and a half, and our (spontaneous) fraternal twin girls Kennedy and Taylor are now six months. We live in Oakville, a suburb of Toronto, with our zoo of animals: three tabby cats (Asparagus, Sprocket, and Zachary), a yellow Labrador (Emma) and our little foster bunny John Hopkins, who can’t seem to find a home without a dog… Although both my husband and I grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, we moved to Toronto in 2004 (just after I graduated from Veterinary School and we got married). Will’s job with the bank had transfered him to the banking capital of Canada, and I figured I was up for an adventure, so off we went!

Okay, that’s not really how it happened. I’m pretty sure it went more like this: Will announced we were moving and I’m pretty sure I kicked and cried and told him in no uncertain terms I’d rather DIE than move to Toronto. But doesn’t the first story make me sound much more brave and cosmopolitan?? I though so too.

But move we did, despite my best arguments otherwise, and after 6 years here, I think I can truly say we are happy with our decision. Bridget was born out here after we’d been married for three years, and we were thrilled. We had no trouble conceiving, and she was a textbook baby while in utero – easy pregnancy, no complications, born on time, great birth weight, short labour. We thought we’d won the baby lottery! When we took her home, however, we discovered that while we still had that “textbook” baby, someone had completely re-written the textbook on us! But like every other parent, with a tonne of sleep deprivation, hard work and what felt like a lifetime of shushing and swaying, we thought… “why not! She’s pretty cute. Decent manners. Not a complete Neanderthal… Let’s try again.” And like that, it was on.

Though we always get asked, just to set the record straight, twins DO NOT run in either of our families.  We were completely shocked when we saw that first ultrasound picture. Well, my husband was completely shocked… I, on the other had, had a sneaking suspicion that something was different…  Now, if we’d realized it was a BOGO weekend, I’m not sure we would have tried our luck at the Conception Lottery that particular cycle. I mean, it only took us three weeks to get lucky. Three weeks. That’s less time than it takes for Canada Post to deliver a freakin’ letter form Vancouver to Toronto. But three weeks later, the telltale nausea and tenderness told me the good times were over: we were knocked up again.

But I never imagined the breathtaking exhaustion that was to come. I remember one particular night I fell asleep at the dinner table. Somewhere in between my two year old throwing a hissy fit over her carrots being cut “wrong” and my hubby’s description of his triumph on the squash court, everything just went blank. And the nausea was much worse than my first pregnancy. But I knew, logically, that every pregnancy could feel different. Maybe this was a boy…  But no such luck. My fate was already sealed.

You see, we had just bought a house on “Twin Street”. When we decided to start trying for another baby, I started pushing for the move to a “real” house (as opposed to our little townhouse) in a “real” neighborhood, where neighbors actually knew each other’s names and borrowed cups of sugar and had block parties and such. We jokingly called a real estate agent a friend had used, and found our next house on the first go out the gate. We didn’t even know we were pregnant yet. But it called to me: four bedrooms, quiet street with basketball nets in abundance, nice backyard for the dog, great elementary school just down the block, and neighbors that waved when we drove by. Perfect! Little did we know we had sealed our fate when I helped myself to a glass of water in their kitchen. You see, this one block street had been lovingly called “Twin Street” for years. In fact, the family selling the house had an 11 year old girl, and 9 year old fraternal girl twins. The family across the street had 7 year old identical girl twins. The neighbors had boy:girl fraternal twins. The family on the corner had triplets!

But as I said before, twins don’t run in our family. We weren’t using fertility help. Twins… that’s CRAZY talk!  In fact, my husband didn’t believe me when I called him from the ultrasonographer’s office. I had to have a nice lady in the waiting room tell him that indeed, there were TWO babies in the ultrasound photo I was holding. He sounded floored. He must have looked worse: his officemates took an impromptu trip to the local LCBO for an emergency bottle of champagne. But twins it was. And 38.5 weeks later, after a normal, healthy pregnancy with no complications, our twins Taylor and Kennedy arrived at 7lb 13oz and 7lb 4 oz. Yup – that adds up to over 15 lbs of baby in this ol’ body of mine! I measured 51 inches around my belly by the time they were born, and I have the “twin skin” belly full o’ stretch marks to prove it. 

But it was worth it. Our twins arrived exactly the way we hoped: normal vaginal delivery, no extra help, no complications. And they were happy, healthy, good sized babies that came straight home. Again, we had won the baby lottery – this time times two. And just like with their older sister, we deserve an Olympic gold medal in the Pairs Sushing-and-Swaying devision. Life is definately crazier now, when twins make it “three under three”. Will had to spend a week working in the UK when the babies were three weeks old and we have no family living on this coast, let alone closeby. Then he got sick and spent two weeks in hospital when they were three months old – I know. How inconsiderate, right?!? Eight days after he was released, he had to travel to the UK again. So its been quite a year. But we’ve made it through, and things are looking up! And we certainly turn heads in the neighborhood when we go for a walk with the double stoller loaded up with two babies, a two-year old holding on beside, the dog threatening to pull the whole works over in her eagerness to walk  pull  yank us to the park, and (occasionally) a cat or two along for the ride in the basket below, just for good measure…

Everyone we meet says, “It must be something in the water over on “Twin Stree”…” To this day, I feel compelled to ask women to sign a waiver before drinking anything at our house. Consider yourself warned…


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  1. Very entertaining!

  2. Thank god I didn’t drink the water at your place, hahaha. Though why was I never warned before???

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